Raphael Nessim Bigio, following several successful decades dealing as agents & importers, specializing in chemical raw materials, acquired real estate properties in Heliopolis. Cairo.

He also built a factory on an acre of land which he had acquired. That business prospered enormously. His eldest son, Josias Bigio, was his right arm. That first factory produced floor waxes and shoe polish, as well as laundry detergent additives. Later on that factory was expanded to include several production line to manufacture the metal containers (cans) which would hold the waxes and shoe polishes. insecticed spray guns, serving trays and portable soft drink coolers.

Josias Bigio, built a second factory on that same acre of land and was joined by his own son, Raphael Bigio in running their successful businesses. That second factory, produced exclusively bottle caps for the soft drinks (Coca-Cola) and beer markets

In the early sixtees and following over half a century in Egypt, the nefarious government of Nasser, expropriated the Bigio family; because of their religion. The Bigios, suddenly deprived of all source of income and fearing for their lives; escaped to France. Upon their arrival in that country, they were declared as Refugees, by the United Nations.