Lawsuit filed on April 21st 1997 - Southern District Court of New York, Case # 97 - 2858 CIV

1. The case concerns the acquisition of the Bigio family’s assets in Egypt, by The Coca-Cola Company in 1994. This was preceded by the usurpation of these same assets in 1964 by the government of Nasser, who was reigning in Egypt .

In 1965, ruined by Nasser and seeing 65 years of earnest efforts entirely erased, the Bigios escaped from Egypt. Following these tragic circumstances, the United Nations officially classified the Bigios as refugees.

2. The Bigio family ties with Coca-Cola go back to the mid 40’s, as they were tenants on the Bigios property in Heliopolis, Cairo. Furthermore, in addition to being their property owners, The Bigios also had strong commercial ties with this entity through two manufacturing plants.

These factories were producing, under licenses from Coca-Cola in Atlanta Georgia: bottle caps for their soft drinks as well as several other consumer products, such as serving trays and bottles coolers (1) .All these products, carried the Coca-Cola logo.

3. Determined to obtain just compensations for the family’s assets, the Bigios undertook several trips to Egypt. After strenuous and relentless efforts, They arrived at obtaining from the Egyptian government in 1979 , to reverse its decision and the government of Egypt issued an official decree returning their real estate assets.

4. Yet when the time came to receive these assets, a state owned insurance company, which was holding the property; refused to return these properties to the Bigios

This was in spite of the fact that their had been : an edict issued by the Egyptian government returning these assets, which was also followed by another formal executive order issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Finance; to return these properties.

5. In view of the above, the Bigios undertook litigation in Egypt (2)  and in 1993, a family member traveled again to Egypt, to find out the progress of the mitigations. During that sojourn and while reading the morning papers in Cairo, he was stunned to find out that: Coca-Cola International had acquired his family’s assets. (3) (4)

6. Upon returning to North America and remembering the good ties the Bigios had maintained with Coca-Cola, the Bigios informed the Coca-Cola Company in the early part of 1993, of the current situation and also let them know of their various claims.

In addition the Bigios took the precaution to officially forewarn The Coca-Cola Company, in writing, not to complete the acquisition before their rightful claims are fully settled. The rest of the ensuing events with Coca-Cola, have regretfully lead to their current litigation. (5)

For its year end 1994, The Coca-Cola Company announced in its Securities & Exchange Commission - SEC 10K report , that it had completed an acquisition in Egypt.
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Case No.05-2426
Attorneys : Nathan Lewin Esq. Alyza Lewin Esq.

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Attorneys : Sherrie Savett Esq, Arthur Stock Esq. , Doug Risen Esq. , Shoshana Savett Esq.

[1] All these products were made out of tin plate.

[2] which have lingered for over 17 years and with no results whatsoever, except seeing one postponement after another.

[3] Through an international tender of the Egyptian government.

[4] Following the seizure of our factories, the Egyptian Government decided to amalgamate these with the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt, in view of the link and extensive business transactions. This resulted in a single new industrial entity with a new name : The El Nasr Bottling company (ENBC).

[5] The Allard K. Lowenstein International Human Rights Law Clinic – Yale Law School has presented an impressive Amicus Curiae to the court, in support of the Bigio Family case.

[6] We have listed above, the details of the Court filings pertaining to this lawsuit. This is - for complete access to all records in our case - as well as for all possible clarifications or additional information.